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Five tips towards an eco-friendlier Christmas

With the most wonderful time of the year around the corner, it’s time to get Merry! That doesn’t mean that the environment and Earth can’t be merry too, so if you are planning on how to make your Christmas more sustainable, here are some tips to get you started, even if it is little by little.

1) Pick out a live tree instead of an artificial one

A live tree is a product of nature itself and easy to recycle unlike the alternative – an artificial tree once discarded and not recycled, may be lying in a scrap yard for years to come - up to 450 years, in fact.

The British Christmas Tree Growers Association offers advice on types of trees, how to care for your live tree and the best way to recycle after the holiday season.

2) Choose Paraffin free candles

Christmas candles are a sure mood starter and stocking filler for this season, enveloping your home with warm, sweet and spicy fragrances. Just make sure you choose candles made from natural vegetable-based wax which is biodegradable, eco-friendly and smoke free just like our gorgeous organically sourced soy wax with organic fragranced candles.

3) Plastic Free Packaging and Presents!

We are all already doing so much better against the battle against plastic, but we can all do even better and there is still a long way to go. It is easier than you think to shop for decorations and gifts which are made from reusable materials such as our delightful EcoGift Set made from fully reusable components such as bamboo, recyclable nylon bristles and stainless steel or our wonderful wine bottle gift bag for life, made from cotton and faux suede.

4) Decorations!

Was it Andy Warhol who told us that we should all create something that will last forever? Let’s take that advice literally and make our own decorations or recycle decorations, made from eco-friendly materials. We are doing the same with our Christmas themed decorations from our cheery hanging reindeers to our adorable doggy hanging decorations!

5) Reduce Travel Time

From travelling to loved ones, driving to parties or even doing quick last-minute shopping, we all gradually contribute towards the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. We encourage you to visit your local Christmas fairs, high streets and markets this Christmas to support local businesses and enjoy the build up towards Christmas with a lovely outing, hand picking your gifts and decorations.

You can find us next weekend, Saturday 16th November at the OSO Christmas Fair, come by and say hello!

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