• Camila Jade

Health and Wellbeing at Home

Life as we know it has changed temporarily – This is the time to take care of YOU.

Who would have thought that after the success of our Christmas products a few months ago, we would shortly be experiencing an unprecedented global pandemic together?

Artisan fairs cancelled and suppliers chain affected - we know we are not the only small business suffering, far from it.

Although we cannot ignore the major losses society and humanity has sustained as a result, it is so important to seek light in the darkest places.

More than ever, we are seeing displays of kindness towards our fellow man – from volunteering, showing our appreciation for keyworkers and the National Health service to hosting fitness, arts and music sessions from balconies and rooftops.

Everyone is trying their best to cheer each other on and ensure solidarity reaches into the crevices of the world’s human fabric.

More than anything - it is important to take care of oneself. We recommend that everyone takes this time to look into yourself and indulge in major self-care, from reflecting on you own life to taking

care of your health and wellbeing.

We have carefully thought of the situation we are facing and felt compelled to create some

stay at home inspired products. Why not take a look and see if our products take your fancy

to include in your home care and self-care routine?

Our hand-made reusable cotton lined face masks are machine washable and ensure that

you and loved ones are protected on your daily outings during lockdown. In addition, we have committed to donating a further mask to key workers which each purchase made.

Our bestseller sustainably sourced and hand poured soy-wax senses candles are sure to complete the cosy atmosphere within your home. Why not try the ‘Calm’ candle with lavender fragrance and a touch of fresh linen, finished with natural lavender buds?

You can also help the earth’s slow but sure recovery by purchasing some of our eco friendly

products. In essence - this extra time at home allows us all to make small everyday switches to resuable items, which can offset the increased amount of packaging arriving everyday day with delivered goods. Check out our home Eco crafts page to see some perfect examples to use on your daily exercise outing or a leisurely walk in the local park - from our doggy tote bag to use whilst taking your four-legged companion for walkies to our bamboo and stainless steel water flask, perfect for keeping your refreshments hot or cold.

We thank you for your ongoing support. We are in this together - here’s to your health and


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