• Camila Jade

What does Artemi Casa stand for?

When deciding to embark on this journey to offer artistic creations that would represent value and quality in use, that could substitute single use items and as a bonus, serve as thoughtful and personal gifts to our loved ones - I had to find the right name that represented my intent.

Something that brings the best of the Earth, from ecofriendly origins and sources.


After many a brainstorming session with my daughters and long country walks for inspiration whilst marvelling nature at her finest - 'She' found me.

She is Artemis.

Goddess of the moon, the wilderness, the hunt, patron of Childbirth and Muse in art since the ancient Greek ages.

She fights for nature and uses it's power and bounty for strength.

She represents our Mother Earth and nature's cycle of life - the very essence of my quest to offer gifts with a conscience.

So drawing on inspiration from Her and using my fair hands, my South American indigenous heritage, my 30 years living across four different continents (and with help from my loyal team of daughters!) I am able to invite you into Mi Casa.

Welcome to Artemi Casa x

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