A small hamper set with the essentials to start sustainable grooming -- this set includes a variety of every day personal items that ensure hygiene due to their natural properties - 


The bamboo toothbrush is antbacterial and the nylon bristles are recycleable , and the rose gold straw is stainless steel with a cleaner brush which allows for multiple use without the risk of contamination and rust. 


The set contents are all reusable with no plastic component and a great starter pack to ease into eco living whillst on the go!

EcoGift set 1 - essentials

  • Set contents:

    3 bamboo reusable face pads for make up removal

    1 bamboo toothbrush

    1 stainless steel rose gold straw with cleaner brush

    set of 50 bamboo cotton buds,

    one small lavendar candle 

    presented in hessian bag